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VAT Advisory

The Hungarian VAT Act and the VAT regulation of the European Union define the obligations of Hungarian VAT-able persons and taxpayers and the management of their value added tax liabilities. Our VAT experts can help you with the VAT affairs of your company and in ensuring compliance with VAT rules.

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Helga Kiss, tax director, RSM Hungary

Helga Kiss

Director, Tax services

Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Director, Indirect Tax services


Leveraging on their expertise both in theory and practice, the VAT experts of our tax service line can help companies and taxpayers with a wide range of VAT questions: 

  • Assessment of VAT liability in the case of international or domestic supplies of goods and services
  • Examining the VAT obligations relating to cost recharge and intermediated services
  • Drawing up of contracts with regard to VAT obligations
  • VAT consulting in relation to domestic and international VAT reclaims
  • Testing of the system of accounting documents, the invoicing process, and the content of invoices from a VAT perspective
  • Setting up of VAT management in and VAT audit of invoicing and ERP systems
  • E-invoices
  • VAT consulting in relation to the HU TA online invoice data reporting system, VAT digitalization consulting and introduction of digital VAT solutions
  • Preparation, checking, and filing of VAT returns
  • Preparation for VAT audits, representation of clients in front of the tax authority in VAT litigation
  • Consulting in VAT reclaim opportunities available to Hungarian VAT-able persons based on decisions of the European Court of Justice, consulting in VAT cases, expert cooperation
  • Determining whether VAT registration and requesting of a tax number are necessary and administration of VAT registration
  • Setting up and auditing of the supply chain from a VAT perspective
  • VAT-handling of vouchers, bonuses, price discounts, and special offers
  • Real estate transactions; planning and management of the VAT consequences of real estate sales and purchases and real estate leasing
  • VAT handling of asset procurements (real estate, equipment, know-how, etc.)
  • Handling of the VAT impacts of corporate restructuring, transfers of business

Why should you turn to us in VAT matters?

Our VAT advisors are experts familiar with the practice of domestic and international small, medium, and large company VAT consulting, having experience with the tax authority and having a thorough knowledge of both local and international value-added taxation. The knowledge of our tax experts is also backed by the international expertise and consulting network of RSM covering 120 countries. 

The VAT management of transaction may raise questions worth millions or billions. However, using the opportunities provided in the VAT Act taxpayers may also gain legitimate tax advantages. 

The timeframe of VAT consulting may range from careful planning of transactions ahead to cooperation in VAT audits by HU TA in relation to transactions already concluded or representation of clients in litigation. In the case of cross-border VAT issues, we can help our clients by coordinating the work of local experts with the involvement of our foreign partner offices. 

In addition to VAT consulting, our employees also consider other tax and legal implications of transactions and, if necessary, they are able to provide further professional support. 

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