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tax consulting

Tax consulting is a diversified activity directly related to the fulfilment of taxpayers' tax obligations. 

Tax consulting activity may be performed by a person registered with the Ministry of Finance as a tax consultant for which a tax consultant qualification according to the National Register of Trainings is required. 

Tax consulting includes, among others, the following activities: 

  • preparation and checking of returns for budget relationships, 
  • checking of the system of accounting conditions relating to returns, 
  • consulting relating to the formation, transformation, operation and cessation of enterprises and other legal and non-legal persons, 
  • fulfilment of control and tax planning tasks relating to enterprises as a whole and to specific areas or transactions of their operation, 
  • representation in tax administration proceedings concerning budget relationships based on specific engagements, 
  • preparation and counter-signing of tax opinions, 
  • preparation and checking of tax binding ruling requests, 
  • preparation and counter-singing of transfer pricing documentations, 
  • preparation of and advice on submissions in tax authority proceedings,
  • assessment of tax risks and advice on their moderation, monitoring, implementation etc. of legislative amendments etc.

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