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Environmental product charge consulting

An increasing number of companies are concerned by the obligation to prepare environmental product charge returns but many do not pay attention to current regulations and do not file returns or file them with delay. 

Why RSM Hungary?
Within the scope of our service relating to the environmental product charge, our experts provide comprehensive assistance to our clients as they are not only available for the laying down of the foundations but also for the comprehensive bookkeeping of product charge analytical records, the preparation and filing of returns, the auditing of the currently applied processes and rules, the preparation of reports and exemption or other applications, the identification of potential deficiencies and for representing our clients in audit procedures.

Not only the act and the government decree on the product charge were changed but also the directly related act on waste management and the relating regulations. As the organizations co-ordinating waste disposal lose ground, companies have to pay special attention to meeting waste management obligations also.

Inspectors of the tax authority audit with sufficient scrutiny and detail whether business entities comply with each tiny bit of rule regarding the declaration, payment and potential reclaim of the environmental product charge.

We offer clients the following services in relation to the environmental product charge:

  • analysis of our clients activities, assessment of potential environmental product charge risks;
  • identification of potential inherent financial advantages and reclaim opportunities in the assumption of product charges;
  • comprehensive environmental product charge consulting;
  • representation in authority audits;
  • keeping of environmental product charge analytical records;
  • environmental product charge system development adjusted to the needs of the company;
  • preparation and filing of environmental product charge returns, self-revisions and supplementary returns, preparation of documents in relation to substantiating records; 
  • preparation and filing of authority requests and applications; 
  • preparation of exemption requests and reports; 
  • due diligence of the current environmental product charge system, identification of potential errors and deficiencies; 
  • continuous information on applicable legal amendments. 
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Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Director, Indirect Tax services


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