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Representation in tax execution and payment relief procedures

In recent years, HU TA focused more on the efficiency of execution procedures. Thanks to the enhanced cooperation of the audit and the executive functions, increasingly often tax receivables are secured in advance during audits that have not even yet been concluded. 

The order and time of the steps of execution are determined by the tax authority at its own discretion within the limits of the Execution Act. It is a fundamental principle that from acts of execution those have to be implemented that most efficiently serve the purpose of the execution but represent the lowest possible restriction for the debtor (taking the principle of proportionality into account). For this principle to be implemented in practice, companies should cooperate with experts.

Why should you choose our Representation in tax execution and payment relief procedures service?

Our tax representation team provides reorganization advice for the prevention of insolvency to our clients facing financial difficulties. In the case of difficulties of tax payment, we help in the efficient management of the tax debts of the company within the limits of the law. The assessment of the debtor’s financial and economic situation, the analysis of available opportunities, the setting up of action plans and the settlement of the debt ensuring continued operation and profitable economic activity requires comprehensive and thorough knowledge. In our experience, constructive communication with the executors and the quality of the tax consultancy and legal services supporting the enforcement of taxpayers’ rights during tax execution and payment relief procedures are critical for a reassuring solution of an insolvency situation.

All taxpayers (whether private persons or companies) are haunted by the threat of insolvency in front of the tax authority, however, tax execution is not inevitable and unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

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