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The number of new businesses is low in Hungary but growing rapidly in emerging countries

Despite the global crisis, the number of businesses grew spectacularly in recent years in large emerging economies. While from 2007 to 2011 the number of active businesses increased by only slightly more than 3 percent in the most developed countries of the world, there was a 25 percent growth in this regard within the BRICS group of the largest emerging countries – the survey “Business Births and Deaths” of the international financial and tax consulting network RSM International reveals. News is even worse from a Hungarian perspective as we have the worst result even within the European league: in 2011, the number of active businesses exceeded that of 2007 by only 0.3 percent.

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EU Court: VAT also deductible based on an invoice issued to another person’s name

One should always pay attention to the decisions of the EU Court of Justice. Recently, for instance, the European Court of Justice made a decision in two joined Hungarian cases providing a clearly defined framework for the former standpoint and practice of the Hungarian tax authority in respect of the exercising of the right of VAT deduction. The court in Luxembourg also made decisions in other disputes, which elevate the partnership between taxpayers and tax authorities to a higher professional level – provided, of course, that the tax authority is also open, prepared and willing to act as a partner.

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Innovative solutions taking Hungarian companies to the finals of the European Business Awards

Innovative solutions allow growth and progress at a time of crisis also – this is the message of the twenty Hungarian companies that have made it to this year’s finalists of the prestigious European Business Awards. All of these companies attribute their success to an ability to constantly reinvent themselves. The finalists also have the chance of winning the highly acknowledged Ruban d’Honneur award. European award winners will be revealed in September.

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Vote for the most successful enterprises of Hungary!

An unprecedented online poll will start on 6 September 2012. On the website of the European Business Awards you may view a short film on each competing enterprise including the 19 Hungarian finalist presenting the activities and achievements as well as future objectives of the company. Visitors may cast their votes based on these few-minute films and the national champions in the 27 participating countries will be selected on the basis of these votes.

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A generation gap in motivation: what drives so-called Baby Boomers and the Y-generation? And who are they?

There is no need to emphasize the importance of employee satisfaction: how an employee feels within an organization and the extent an employee feels that his or her expertise and work are appreciated have a major effect on his or her attitude to work and performance and these may not only determine the entire quality of life of the employee, but indirectly they may also influence the employer company’s performance and reputation. We have to see, however, that there are major differences between the factors driving the satisfaction and the motivations of generations. We examined the main differences.

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