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This edition of The Global Real Economy includes five articles from chief economist Joe Brusuelas; Brendan Quirk, RSM’s regional leader for Latin America and Dr. Suresh Surana, founder of RSM India, on the following topics:

  • Four global risks facing the middle market
  • Changes to India’s foreign direct investment rules create major opportunity for middle market
  • Less than zero: the risks around negative interest policy
  • Crucial Argentina reforms put country on path to a more stable economy
  • Survey indicates middle market companies see BEPS as a significant challenge

Led by RSM Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas, The Global Real Economy is part of a larger effort by RSM to provide clients with actionable insights and middle market-focused analysis around critical international business issues.

“We strongly believe that the middle market needs a voice in the economic community on important issues,” said Brusuelas. “This edition of The Global Real Economy embodies that mission through in-depth examination of topics like the specter of negative interest rates and changes to foreign investment rules in emerging markets.”

You can view The Global Real Economy here.

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