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Hungarian Tax Authority online invoice problem management and data quality verification

We help check invoices subject to the data reporting obligation and correct any errors to make sure that any tax risks are identified before Hungarian Tax Authority audits.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services

Matyas Budai

Junior Manager, Tax services


What does our Hungarian Tax Authority Online Invoice System verification and correction service include?

1.Tax and technical analysis

We compare the invoice images provided to us and the associated XML files to make sure that your company is in compliance both with the applicable legislation and the documentation issued by the tax authority. 

2.Statements customised to your company

We prepare summaries customised to each specific company (in multiple languages if required) regarding the results of the checks, which can be forwarded immediately to the developers responsible for data reporting if any additional data or corrections are necessary.

3.Corrected XML files

In addition to our summary, we also prepare corrected XML files, so that the improvements can be implemented easily based on the template.

4.Developer cooperation

Upon request, we also cooperate in the communication with developers, thus facilitating the resolution of any difficulties arising from differences in the technical language of finance, accounting, and IT.

5.Tax expert cooperation

In the case of data reporting errors or warnings, we help interpret the messages of HU TA and correct the reported data.

6.Automated software-based comparison

For the bulk checking of Hungarian Tax Authority’s Online Invoice System reports, we provide an automated verification software that is able to analyse the quality of your data reporting quickly and effectively.

7.Regular checking

Upon request, we provide continuous monitoring or monthly tracking as well.

Compliance with the VAT Act and Hungarian Tax Authority’s development documentation at the same timeSince April 2021, all invoices issued under Hungarian VAT numbers must be reported to the tax authority, which in turn inspects the quality of the reporting of companies to the Online Invoice System with enhances scrutiny. Compliance requires an understanding of both digital taxation and IT. Avoid fines with the help of our qualified experts.Contact our experts!

Who is this offer for?

Any company should find our service useful that

  • would like to ensure that their data reporting practices are in line with the regulations;
  • would like to verify that all invoices that are to be reported have been submitted with the appropriate data content;
  • have experienced errors or warnings during the data reporting process;
  • do not employ an in-house expert responsible for data reporting.

Regular Hungarian Tax Authority’s Online Invoice System data reporting checks Quick assistance in the event of errors in the data reporting. Would you like to continuously verify the correctness of data reporting by your company? You do not have a colleague responsible for data reporting? With the help of our experts, you can regularly confirm that all invoices have been reported correctly and with the appropriate data content.  In the event of an erroneous report, you will receive fast assistance to avoid manual data uploading and to ensure that the problem can be resolved in time, within the timeframe available for electronic data reporting.Contact our experts!

What digital tools do we use?

  • Connectax Invoice Match: for automatic bulk checking of data reporting.
  • Connectax Invoice Reporter: for the testing of corrected XML files, bulk technical invalidation and repeating of correct data report submissions. 
  • HU TA developer portal: legal background, data reporting documentation.
  • XML validator
  • XSD visualisation
  • Customized XML templates

Why should you choose us?

  • Comprehensive checking of the data reporting process requires IT and tax knowledge at the same time. 
  • We possess a specialised technical and professional background, allowing us to provide assistance with the help of automated solutions.
  • In addition to customized consulting, we are continuously monitoring the development and case law of the tax authority, which allows us to be able to provide a realistic picture of any risks or new services of the tax authority.
  • If required, we also cooperate in the communication with developers.
  • Upon request, we also cooperate in the communication with the tax authority in connection with differences or deficiencies in Online Invoice System data, or during a tax audit. 

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