No sanctions period until July 31 for RTIR

The Hungarian Authorities have issued a statement over the weekend that no sanctions will be applied until 31 July if the taxpayer registers for the real-time invoice reporting with the Hungarian Tax Authority and reports the affected invoices online until 31 July 2018.

Real-time invoice reporting  deadline has not changed, but a one months "no sanctions" period will be applied as follows:

  • the obligation to start reporting invoices in real time from 1 July 2018 is not delayed, only the sanctions are lifted for 30 days
  • invoices generated since 1 July are already reportable (although delayed reporting possible until 31 July)
  • taxpayers must register online with the Hungarian Tax Authority and report the invoices until 31 July.

What does this easing mean to your business?

  • Businesses receive additional 30 days to prepare for the real-time invoice reporting without facing sanctions.
  • Invoices issued since 1 July 2018 must still be reported.
  • In addition to the RTIR testing environment, the tax authority now provides production environment free of sanctions.
  • If you have not yet registered for the live RTIR environment, we urge you to do so and start reporting invoices in real time as soon as possible (

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