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NAV Online invoice version 2.0 - more than just an invoice

The Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) published the missing, but most awaited component (the new XML template /XSD documentation/) of the real-time invoice reporting obligation, Online számla version 2.0 for the last day of August. This template details the future structure in which automated invoicing applications, or ERPs must report data to the tax authority, including the type of data to be included in online invoice data reports.

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Cut tax donations – this year still according to current rules

Opportunities for tax donation from corporate tax were narrowed down on different lines in the last year. From January, sponsoring performing arts organizations is no longer an option and with the acceptance of the summer tax package, the corporate tax top-up obligation is eliminated and, as a result, the relating tax donation also ceases.

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Online invoice reporting - the most common faults

For nearly a year, in Hungary taxpayers have been required to report their invoices issued to domestic taxpayers in real time, whenever the chargeable VAT exceeds HUF 100,000. What are the most common faults and challenges in the Hungarian online invoice reporting?

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Investment incentives, important VAT and EKAER changes in the summer tax package

About the most important measures of the summer draft tax package concerning companies, we can say in advance that it will include employment and investment incentives as well as measures deriving from Hungary\'s obligation of international legislative harmonization. Elements of the government\'s intention to reduce red tape and minimize conflicts with European forums also appeared.

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Updated! Online invoices - HU TA will only accept data in the new format from June 4!

A change is coming in online invoice data reporting from 0:00 on 4 June. From this point, the system of HU TA will only accept online invoice data reporting in the new data format, which leaves a few weeks for switching to version 1.1. Failure to submit online invoice data reports may result in a penalty of up to half a million forints per invoice, which may represent an even higher tax penalty risk than the VAT content of the invoice.

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HU TA Online invoices: 3+1 tasks for May

It is already apparent that this year also brings a number of challenges for taxpayers in relation to real-time invoice reporting. The extension of the deadline for the online invoice version change announced in the beginning of the year until 4 June gives another month to review four areas.

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