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Tax Authority (NAV) extends Online Számla 2.0 deadline

The use of the NAV Online Invoice 2.0 version will not be a must from 1 April 2020 in online invoice data reporting. The deadline for the introduction of the new schema was extended by NAV until 1 July with regard to the extraordinary situation arising due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

In line with the government's measures and recommendations introduced in order to slow down the spreading of the epidemic, the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) will not terminate the support of the 1.1 XSD version on Online Számla from 1 April 2020 and will not make compulsory the use of 2.0 XSD. This means that the two XSD versions will remain available for use at the same time after March. According to the communication of NAV, the final deadline for the switch to Online Számla 2.0 will be 1st July 2020.

However, it is recommended to carry out the tasks necessary for the change as soon as possible as the present extraordinary situation may make circumstances increasingly difficult, which was also pointed out by NAV. Where the technical operation does not require a personal presence, as is the case with our cloud-based Connectax platform, it is advisable to make the transition without delay.

The extension of the deadline is not only due to the epidemic state of emergency as taxpayers had one year for the version change from which only the last couple of weeks coincided with this unexpected, extraordinary line of events. It is more likely that experts were already in delay with the preparation of the invoicing programs and the COVID-19 outbreak in this period made the extra work necessary in the last weeks impossible. The three-month extension gives a good chance for the implementation of the developments and settings and for going live even for those who had trouble with this so far. 

Changes of the NAV online invoice schemas also provide an opportunity for companies, that using custom ERPs or billing software, to rethink they will use their internal IT capacity for these upgrades, or switch to a cloud-based solution platform,  that does not require reinstallation.

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