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tax donation

The concept of tax donation (tax allocation) gives taxpayer companies the opportunity to offer a part of their corporate tax, tax advance or tax advance top-up payable by law to support cultural or sport purposes. 

Eligible purposes are the sponsoring of: 

  • cinematographic works and 
  • spectator team sports. 

From what, in what amount and for which purposes may tax be donated?

  • Donations may be made in an amount equivalent to 80 percent of the monthly or quarterly corporate tax advance liability, or 
  • if the taxpayer did not use the above option, or if the amount transferred from its tax advances for eligible purposes does not reach 80 percent of the tax payable, donations may be made from the taxpayer's corporate tax advance obligation or corporate tax payment obligation also in an amount up to the amount not offered but maximum 80 percent of the corporate tax payable for the tax year. 

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