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tax allowance relating to film production sponsoring

The taxpayer may apply a tax allowance from the tax base of the tax year and the subsequent tax years with the allowance being applicable for the last time in the tax year ending in the eighth calendar year following the calendar year of sponsoring, for up to the amount stated in the sponsorship certificate issued on the sponsoring of film productions. Application of the tax allowance is subject to the condition that the taxpayer also provides supplementary support as defined in the relevant act to Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt. (the Hungarian National Film Foundation) in the tax year of sponsoring. The tax allowance relating to film production sponsoring may be applied to maximum 70 percent of the corporate tax reduced by development tax allowance on a consolidated basis with all other tax allowances. The sponsor is not entitled to any service from the sponsored in return for the sponsorship. 

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