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Business Process Outsourcing

BPO consulting

    • Internal audit: assessment of exact needs, identification of problems  
    • Setting of goals, customization of tools, alignment of capacities and technical background 
    • Development of new structures, integration of control points, launch of processes 
    • Monitoring based on reports and back-testing, fine-tuning and monitoring of efficiency improvement 

          BPO operative service

          • Beyond the scope of BPO consulting, checking of financial administration operation 
          • Making of recommendations for the development of processes and improvement of efficiency 
          • Participation in process development, coordination of process development 
          • Process monitoring, benchmarking 
          • Project management supervision for the introduction of corporate governance systems and for system transformations 
          • Preparation of company-specific management reports 
          • Provision of financial administration as an external resource 

          Comprehensive BPO project management

          • Making of recommendations based on an internal audit and industry best practices for the efficient development or restructuring of financial administration 
          • Customized outsourcing implementation, project management supervisions 
          • Monitoring of efficiency, regular reporting 

          H2H – “Hungary to Hungary” outsourcing

          • Comprehensive fulfilment of financial administration by providing external resources in accordance with the specified terms and conditions and using the agreed resources 

          With the help of our BPO services, our clients can concentrate on their main business activity as a much more cost-efficient and controlled solution is provided to them for administrative, financial, IT and marketing tasks. 

          It is essential for us that outsourcing, the BPO service is always customized and adjusted to client needs. 

          The managers of our team have relevant professional experience in outsourcing and process development. With support from the professional knowledge of our colleagues working in other business lines of our group, we can guarantee that our clients receive high quality, automated services. 

          As part of BPO consulting, we develop BPO strategies, provide support for organizational development based on client needs and provide interim management (selection of location and office, hiring of workforce, training). 


          • Comprehensive project management

            • due diligence, assessment of needs

            • proposal for restructuring

            • bespoke outsourcing solutions

          • BPO operation services

            • daily operations

            • continuous process development, benchmarking

          • H2H – „Hungary to Hungary” outsourcing

          • BPO consulting


            Through the use of our BPO services our clients can focus on their core business while enjoying more cost efficient and controlled solutions for their administrative, finance, IT, marketing and other non-productive tasks.

            Our Company considers it very important to provide bespoke outsourcing services to cater for our clients' specific needs.


            The managers of our team have relevant professional experience in the field of outsourcing and process improvement (LEAN, 6 sigma) and, combined with the skills of our professionals working in the other business lines of the group, we can guarantee high quality automated services for our clients.


            As a part of our BPO consulting services we offer venue and office selection, hiring, training, interim management, organisational development and BPO strategy design.


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