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Magdolna Schepp, RSM Hungary Head of HR

Magdolna Schepp

HR Manager

She has more than 10 years of professional experience in HR. She participated in the development and implementation of HR systems and programs, the design of the HR strategy, manager development, restructuring and recruitment/selection.
As head of HR at RSM Hungary, she is actively involved in the resolution of day-to-day HR issues and in supporting the organisation.
She also provides assistance to the HR practice. She is also actively involved in the headhunting and search/selection process.


Magdolna Schepp's posts

Magdolna Schepp

A generation gap in motivation: what drives so-called Baby Boomers and the Y-generation? And who are they?

There is no need to emphasize the importance of employee satisfaction: how an employee feels within an organization and the extent an employee feels that his or her expertise and work are appreciated have a major effect on his or her attitude to work and performance and these may not only determine the entire quality of life of the employee, but indirectly they may also influence the employer company’s performance and reputation. We have to see, however, that there are major differences between the factors driving the satisfaction and the motivations of generations. We examined the main differences.

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