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Have you checked whether your company has surely complied with the requirements of the Hungarian online invoice reporting regulation?

Hungarian Tax Authority (HU TA) online invoice report regulation – audit

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


In case of a large quantity of outgoing invoices, it may be difficult or it may prove to be inaccurate to fully comply with the stipulations of the online invoice reporting regulation, especially by manual checks. 

While omitted or erroneous online invoice reporting data disclosures thus remain concealed to internal controllers in many cases, the tax authority can quite simply filter out errors and deficiencies by automated procedures. 


Invoicing and data reporting with an imperfectly implemented or integrated online invoice data reporting module represents a taxation risk dating back to July 2018. The penalty for invoices failed to be reported or reported erroneously in Hungary may even reach up to HUF 500 000 per invoice

The experts of our digital taxation team have participated in several online invoice report audits in recent months. They have also relied on the experience gained in online invoice report audits to create online invoice audits by which our clients can check their regulatory compliance in a manner similar to the automated checks of the HU TA in due time. 

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*Our colleagues will soon contact you at the contact you provided. Our system is capable to simulate a tax authority invoicing data inspection, even in respect of several invoicing systems, automatically and at a discretionary frequency. Thus you can make sure whether each invoice issued and affected has been duly reported to the tax authority in a selected period. 

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Have you checked, your company compliant with the online invoice reporting regulations?

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