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late payment fee

NAV applies the sanction of late payment fee when the taxpayer does not fulfil its payment obligation by the payment deadline (due date) set in legal regulations but at a later date or if the taxpayer uses budget subsidies before they become due. 

Late payment fee is payable in the case of late payment of tax from the due date and in the case of early use of budget subsidy until the due date. The rate of the late payment fee is one 365th of the central bank base interest rate effective at the first date of default or the date of early use (the date of charging) plus five percentage points for each calendar day. No late payment fee may be charged on late payment fee. 

No late payment fee is payable for the period in respect of which the taxpayer certified its default. A certificate may be filed if the default was caused by unavoidable external causes. 

When charging late payment fee, the base of the fee shall be considered separately for each tax type or budget subsidy unless these are registered on the same account. The base of late payment fee shall be reduced by the amount of overpayments in other tax types recognized by the same tax authority at the due date (net fee calculation). Net fee calculation does not apply to the debt for which payment relief was granted. 

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