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Non-working days and moved working days in 2022 - Plan ahead!

Employer and employees will have to take two moved working days into account next year. The first long weekend will fall on 15 March in 2022 and we can plan with a total of five long weekends and three four-day weekend rest periods.

In the work plan for 2022, employers and employees have to calculate with two moved working days. The first moved working day relates to the long weekend of 15 March while the second one comes at All Saints' Day in autumn. 

In 2022, 5 rest days will fall on weekends on 1 January, 1 May, 20 August, 23 October and 25 December, the first day of Christmas. From the three four-day weekends two will come in spring and one in autumn. We will have a total of 5 long weekends. There will be no moved working days in the Christmas period this time. 

Taking the 5 rest days falling on weekends into account, we can calculate with a total of 5 extra rest days in the first and 3 in the second half of 2022. 

Holidays and rest days and the relating moved working days in 2022: 

1 January, SaturdayNew year's daynon-working day (weekend)
14 March, Monday Rest dayrest day (4-day weekend)
15 March, TuesdayNational holidaynon-working day (4-day weekend)
26 March, Saturday Working daymoved working day (to replace 14 March)
15 April, FridayGood Fridaynon-working day (4-day weekend)
18 April, Monday Easternon-working day (4-day weekend)
1 May, SundayLabour Daynon-working day (weekend)
6 June, MondayPentecostnon-working day (3-day weekend)
20 August, SaturdayState Foundation Daynon-working day (weekend)
15 October, SaturdayWorking daymoved working day (to replace 31 October)
23 October, SundayDay of Revolution of 1956non-working day (weekend)
31 October, MondayRest dayrest day (4-day weekend)
1 November, Tuesday All Saints' Daynon-working day (4-day weekend)
24 December, SaturdayChristmas-everest day (4-day weekend)
25 December, Sunday Christmasnon-working day (3-day weekend)
26 December, MondayChristmasnon-working day (3-day weekend)
1 January 2022, SundayNew year's daynon-working day (weekend)
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