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Minimum wage and guaranteed wage minimum in Hungary 2023

As from 1 January 2023, the amount of minimum wage is HUF 232,000 and the amount of the guaranteed wage minimum is HUF 296,400 in Hungary

Minimum wage 2023

As from 01 January 2023, the lowest compulsory amount of the basic wage for full-time employees (minimum wage) shall be as follows in case of carrying out full-time work HUF 232,000 in case of applying a monthly wage.

Guaranteed wage minimum 2023

In case of full-time employees hired for jobs requiring at least secondary school qualification or secondary vocational qualification, the guaranteed wage minimum stated for the application of a monthly wage has increased to HUF 296,400 gross. 

In case of part-time employees, the monthly, weekly and daily wage specified must be taken into consideration on a pro-rata basis. In case of an hourly wage the amount specified above or its pro-rata share must be applied.

Changes in the minimum wage and the guaranteed wage minimum in recent years 

YearMinimum wage (HUF)Guaranteed wage minimum (HUF)Change of minimum wage (%)Change of guaranteed wage minimum (%)
2023232 000296 4001614
2022200 000260 00019,4718,72
2021167 400219 0003,983,99
2020161 000210 60088
2019149 000195 00088
2018138 000180 5008,212,1
2017127 500161 00014,924,8
2016111 000129 0005,75,7

Certain benefits are linked to the amount of the minimum wage, so they will also increase as the amount of the minimum wage changes. Among other things, this change affects the amount of childcare fee. The childcare fee amounts to 70 percent of the parent’s former income, but its maximum amount is aligned with the minimum wage, so the maximum amount of the childcare fee shall be HUF 324.800 from January 2023. 

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