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Non-working days and rescheduled working days of 2021 - here's how you should plan!

Next year, employers and employees we will only have to plan with one moved working day. The first long weekend of 2021 will fall on the start of the year, 5 rest days will be on weekends and, in addition, we will have six long weekends and a 4-day weekend in the coming year.

Employers and employees will have to calculated with fewer rescheduled working days in the work schedule of 2021 than in previous years and these will affect the period before Christmas. The only four day weekend of 2021 will relate to Easter. Taking the 5 rest days falling on weekends into account, we can plan with 5 extra rest days in the first half of the year and with 3 in the second half. 

Public holidays and rest days and the relating rescheduled working days in 2021: 

1 January, FridayNew year's dayrest day (3-day weekend)
15 March, Monday National holidayrest day (3-day weekend)
2 April, FridayGood Fridayrest day
5 April, MondayEasterrest day (4-day weekend)
1 May, SaturdayLabour Dayweekend
24 May, MondayPentecostrest day (3-day weekend)
20 August, FridayState Foundation Dayrest day (3-day weekend)
23 October, SaturdayHoliday of the 1956 Revolutionweekend
1 November, MondayAll saint's dayrest day (3-day weekend)
11 December, SaturdayWorking dayrescheduled working day
24 December, FridayChristmas-everest day
25 December, SaturdayChristmasweekend
26 December, SundayChristmasweekend (3-day weekend)
1 January 2022, SaturdayNew Yearweekend
Decree 14/2020 (V.13.) of the Minister for Innovation and Technology on the Work Schedule around the Non-Working Days of 2021
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