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Updated! Online invoices - HU TA will only accept data in the new format from June 4!

A change is coming in online invoice data reporting from 0:00 on 4 June. From this point, the system of HU TA will only accept online invoice data reporting in the new data format, which leaves a few weeks for switching to version 1.1. Failure to submit online invoice data reports may result in a penalty of up to half a million forints per invoice, which may represent an even higher tax penalty risk than the VAT content of the invoice.

The tax authority continuously monitors the fulfilment of the data reporting obligation and the first audits in this area have already begun also as the unspoken grace period expired. HU TA receives a huge amount of prompt useful information with online data reporting on the invoicing between taxpayers, which data is essential for the tax authority for auditing VAT obligations of taxpayers. Without the tax authority inspector having to leave his office, he receives immediate analysable information from the online invoice data reports received from which he can prepare risk analyses and is able to contact taxpayers with specific questions - either as part of a compliance audit or a tax audit. 

HU TA has already monitored the fulfilment of the online invoice data reporting obligation, first taxpayer requests have already started. Experience shows that first taxpayers were called to correct or supplement the errors and deficiencies identified in compliance audits (or in tax audits in progress). Those who have not yet integrated online data reporting in their corporate governance system or invoicing program (typically Hungarian companies with a foreign parent company) and have not sought an external solution either, can certainly expect to be contacted by the tax authority after 0:00 of June 4. 

Control data can also be requested on the company through the online invoice system of HU TA

A frequent phenomenon is that although developments in the taxpayer's system have already started, an operable solution can only be achieved by combining the knowledge of programmers and economic experts. However, online invoice data reporting also makes it possible for taxable persons, using their identification data, to check the data that was submitted by the company to the tax authority as control data can be requested from the system of HU TA. This can be done manually but, of course it is easier to regularly check the data that was and that should have been reported by the company in an automated manner to see if there are any variances and to make sure that data is reported to HU TA from the corporate governance / invoicing system properly. 

The taxpayers who are uncertain whether the online invoice data reporting obligation applies to them or not, have to check a few basic questions. If the answers are positive, data reporting obligation applies: 

  • Are we talking about an invoice issued on an economic event between two taxpayers? 
  • Are we talking about Hungarian tax numbers? 
  • Does the VAT content of the invoice exceed HUF 100,000? 

The data changes concerned by the change in online invoice data reporting from May are not huge but once again require the programmer’s involvement. With the more detailed data, the tax authority will receive more standardized and easier to manage data lines on data reporters for its analyses. 

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