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Holidays and shifted workdays for 2019, Hungary – plan around this!

Next year, it is necessary to plan on three working days being shifted, a recently published Finance Ministry decree shows. Together with the long weekend at the beginning of the year and the extra long Christmas break, this means that a total of seven long weekends have to be reckoned on in 2019.

On the basis of the recent decree of the Finance Ministry and the decree already published last year, the work schedule for 2019 works out as follows:

Holidays and rest days together with the associated shifted workdays.

  • Tuesday 1 January, New Year, rest day (4-day weekend)
  • Friday 15 March, National holiday, rest day (3-day weekend)
  • Friday 19 April, Good Friday, rest day  
  • Monday 22 April, Easter, rest day (4-day weekend)
  • Wednesday 1 May, Labour Day, rest day  
  • Monday 10 June, Whit Monday, rest day (3-day weekend)
  • Saturday 10 August, workday
  • Monday 19 August, rest day  
  • Tuesday 20 August, Foundation of the state, rest day (4-day weekend)
  • Wednesday 23 October, 1956 Revolution, rest day  
  • Friday 1 November, All Saints Day, rest day (3-day weekend)
  • Saturday 7 December, workday
  • Saturday 14 December, workday
  • Tuesday 24 December, Christmas Eve, rest day  
  • Wednesday, Thursday 25, 26 December, Christmas
  • Friday 27 December, rest day (6-day ‘weekend’)

2019 has three 4-day, and three 3-day weekends and with the additional rest days a 6-day Christmas break in return for three Saturday workdays that have to be worked in advance. 

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