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International tax representation

We provide International Tax Representation services to companies who carry out taxable transactions abroad without having to set up a permanent establishment.

Why RSM Hungary?
Members of our team carrying out financial representation and tax registration tasks are professionals specialized in Hungarian and international general turnover tax. They have acquired enormous experience as consultants to global market players.

Through the solid international background of RSM International our International Tax Representation services enable our clients to gain actual business advantages.

  • related to their Hungarian operations: as their fiscal representatives or tax representatives, we are taking over all their tax liabilities, including representation and participation on tax audits;
  • during their operations abroad: for Hungarian companies carrying out imports or stock sales in another country.

Fiscal Representation and Tax Representation in Hungary

Companies seated outside the European Union who carry out taxable transactions in Hungary without having to set up a permanent establishment, must appoint a fiscal representative for the fulfilment of their domestic tax liabilities. Companies seated in another Member State may fulfil their Hungarian tax obligations through their tax representative.

We have been providing fiscal representation and tax representation services since 1st May 2004. We are ready and prepared to assist our clients in VAT registration, preparation of their Hungarian VAT returns and VAT reclaims, including representation in front of the Tax Authority. As fiscal representatives, we are jointly and mutually liable for the tax liabilities of our clients.

Our services provide a liable and solid background for the Hungarian operations of our clients. Our advisory services are further enhanced by our direct and ongoing relationship with the Tax Authority.

Tax Representation of Hungarian Companies Abroad

Hungarian companies carrying out imports in another Member State become taxable entities in the country of the import. The same happens in case a Hungarian company carries out sales from their foreign stock. In these cases, as well as in many other scenarios it is possible to comply with the local tax liabilities through fiscal representation or tax representation in the foreign country, without having to set up a permanent establishment: international tax representation is indeed an efficient and true alternative for many companies. Furthermore, it provides for an easy-to-control and transparent structure that serves as a useful tool in the owner’s hands.

Our service standards are regularly monitored and adopted to the ever changing needs of our clients. Being part of RSM International’s network, we are able to support our clients with the expertise of 32.000 experts working in 736 offices and 76 countries. The advantages of fiscal representation and tax representation services are:

  • cost efficiency;
  • flexible structure;
  • one point of contact;
  • multiple competencies;
  • proven procedures delivering in time and with high standards;
  • access to key information for compliance, reporting and planning purposes.

Through our international tax representation services we are to enable our clients to have the adequate answers to the challenges of international competition.

International Tax Representation – a useful tool in tax planning

In case of foreign business operations, it is very often the case that fiscal representation or tax representation provides for an optimal tax burden within an international taxation scenario. Should you have any questions on our services, or in case you are interested in the advantages international tax representation could deliver to your company, feel free to contact us.


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Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Director, Indirect Tax services

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