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Representation in tax authority proceedings

Our tax advisors with tax law experience provide support to our clients during tax audits and tax authority procedures, either through direct authorised representation or in the form of back-up support.

Our tax advisors have extensive tax representation experience in support procedures, compliance investigations (legal compliance verification),posteriori and pre-refund tax audits, both before the State Tax Authority and the municipal tax authorities, in central and local tax related procedures. 

We can also assist taxpayers pertaining to tax payment facilitation and equity procedures, as well as in tax enforcement proceedings. 

In connection with tax proceedings, we develop the strategy to be used in tax litigation and prepare filings to be made in the tax proceedings (declarations, observations, requests for position, appeals).

RSM’s tax audit representation services cover the following types of tax audit:

  • Tax audit
  • Pre-refund tax audit,
  • Local government tax authority audit,
  • Tax refund claims,
  • Payment facilities, equity requests, representation in enforcement.

We provide full assistance to taxpayers in the event of audits:

  • Compliance investigation/ legal compliance verification,
  • •ax audit,
  • Support procedure,
  • Warning of potential tax issues sent by the tax authority.

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