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Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room ("VDR") gives the right platform for carrying out a tax, law or finance related or a complex due diligence, which is typically necessary during the preparation of the sale of companies, business lines or shareholdings.

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Levente Almási, Partner, Head of M&A and Valuation services

Levente Almási

Head of M&A, Valuation and Corporate Finance

  • Data can be uploaded and managed easily with the help of RSM VDR for buyers, sellers and the experts carrying out the due diligence. 
  • Access to the Virtual Data Room can be set up easily.
  • Our cloud-based solution with remote access ensures easily accessible and simple data uploads (drag and drop) and browsing for a closed circle for both companies planning an acquisition and their consultants. 
  • Files of any format can be uploaded to the data room easily. 
  • The setting of access and download rights is simple. 
  • The required documents are easy to find in a well-structured system for due diligence inspectors also. 
  • Beyond the basic structure, the classification of documents in the data room can be customized to company groups
  • To support a simple overview and monitoring of the materials uploaded to the Virtual Data Room, the data room sends automatic notifications to the persons concerned of file updates and new uploads. 

Who do we offer the Virtual Data Room to?

The Virtual Data Room provides a transparent and easy to use platform for all parties to the due diligence. The offer is therefore to all our partner companies that would like to carry out due diligence processes relating to their organization and prepare company, business line or quota acquisitions as smoothly as possible with the help of an easy to manage, simple data room. 

What does our VDR service cover?

The Virtual Data Room allows a company to systemize and make available and downloadable safely and in a closed circle all confidential financial, legal, tax, sales, HR and other data that are necessary for the parties concerned during a transaction or a preliminary due diligence. Thanks to the Virtual Data Room, no confidential materials and information need to be forwarded by email or other data carriers as these can be made available in a closed system to authorized persons only with a few clicks. The information made public in the data room can be saved as document attachment when the transaction is closed to support the conclusion of the contract and the fulfilment of later liabilities. 

How can we help with our the data room service?

Our Virtual Data Room provides an easy to access, safe and easy to use platform for the parties concerned for the sharing, systemization and analysis of data. Our consultants and analysts involved in the company due diligence process (complex DD, TDD, FDD, LDD) not only take part in the setting up of the data room, but also provide  support by answering incoming questions and managing further data needs and we also provide further support for the solving of potential technical issues (support_Mfiles@rsm.hu). 

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