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Tax and financial representation of logistics companies

We provide service to logistics companies who looking for a tax and financial representative for their foreign partners.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


You, as a logistics partner, will be able to provide a comprehensive service to your partner, including both the logistics service and the relevant tax administrator. 

Why is a tax representative important?

In the case of foreign (EU-based) undertakings, the Company is entitled to appoint a Hungarian tax representative for obtaining the Hungarian VAT number

The tax representative provides assistance in the field of tax services while minimising tax risks. The tax representative is not jointly and severally liable for the tax obligations of the Company arising in Hungary; therefore, no bank guarantees or bank deposits are required in this case.

Why is a financial representative important?

In the case of third country (non-EU) enterprises, appointing a Hungarian financial representative is mandatory for obtaining the Hungarian VAT number and submitting the tax returns. 

The financial representative assumes joint and several liability for the Hungarian tax obligations of the foreign Company, including the following:

  • compliance with the invoicing regulations, 
  • maintaining the relevant records, 
  • compliance with obligations related to the Electronic Road Freight Control System (EKÁER), 
  • submission of tax returns and payment of tax liabilities, 
  • responding to any enquiries by the tax authority, 
  • participation in any tax audits. 

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Why do we recommend our tax and financial representative services?

The experts of RSM Hungary Zrt. are highly qualified professionals with a decade of experience. 

With the help of RSM’s solutions, you are able to reduce administrative burdens and tax risks at the same time:  

  • Our tax representative assesses whether the foreign company is subject to a tax obligation. 
  • We provide assistance in registering in Hungary, 
  • We prepare the monthly and quarterly calculation of tax liabilities, as well as the relevant tax returns, 
  • We prepare and electronically submit the necessary returns, acting under a power of attorney, 
  • We provide monthly detailed instructions for transferring taxes, 
  • In order to avoid risks, we regularly verify the successful fulfilment of tax return submission and tax payment obligations on the tax current account of the foreign company.

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Supporting logistics companiesThe logistics service provider is the first point of contact that may require a Hungarian VAT number, for which the foreign customer will expect a solution from its logistics partner. In turn, RSM Hungary is able to offer professional support to logistics companies as a cooperating partner, to EU-based enterprises as a tax representative, and to undertakings operating in a third country as a financial representative.

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