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Webshops and Hungarian real-time invoice reporting in 2021

From 4 January 2021, the online invoice reporting will extend to almost all invoices issued by domestic companies, including the sales of webshops. According to the latest announcement of the Hungarian Tax Authority, foreign webshops exempted from providing real-time invoice data in case of their sales in Hungary.

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Change in VAT-returns from 20 February!

A substantial change was introduced from 1 January 2021 in the recapitulative statements (M-sheet) to be submitted as part of the VAT return. The change concerns all taxable persons receiving final invoices from domestic partners, which were preceded by an advance invoice and are subject to the reporting obligation.

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What should you do if the NAV Online Invoice System breaks down?

Recently you have found on a number of occasions that the NAV Online Invoice system that receiving real-time invoice data reporting from Hungarian taxpayers was not working. Does the question arise what responsibilities and actions the management of tax authority malfunctions entail for the taxpayers?

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NAV Online Invoice Data Supply - Changes in Schema 3.0

The tax authority published some unexpected information: the NAV Online Invoice schema, which will be introduced on 1 January 2021, changed at a number of points on 1 December. The data supply system is still being updated, the developer documentation and the xml examples have also been updated.

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Things you should know before accepting electronic invoice

One of the most hyped topics of this year are electronic invoices and electronic invoicing. On the side of businesses, there is an increasing demand for better understanding of rules and best practices concerning the electronic issuing and acceptance of invoices. The growing demand for epidemic-proof digital solutions combined with the Hungarian Tax Authority expectations all bring the spotlight to electronic invoicing.

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NAV online invoice report plans – a New Era starts from January

Substantial changes are coming in the NAV online invoice data reporting system with yet another sprint starts for programming and finance experts for the preparation of invoicing programs and data reporting software. The deadline for the conversion to 3.0 XML in January is relatively short but the Hungarian tax authority grants a sanction-free period to taxpayers until April.

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