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Online invoice reporting - the most common faults

For nearly a year, in Hungary taxpayers have been required to report their invoices issued to domestic taxpayers in real time, whenever the chargeable VAT exceeds HUF 100,000. What are the most common faults and challenges in the Hungarian online invoice reporting?

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HU TA Online invoices: 3+1 tasks for May

It is already apparent that this year also brings a number of challenges for taxpayers in relation to real-time invoice reporting. The extension of the deadline for the online invoice version change announced in the beginning of the year until 4 June gives another month to review four areas.

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Updated! Online invoices - HU TA will only accept data in the new format from June 4!

A change is coming in online invoice data reporting from 0:00 on 4 June. From this point, the system of HU TA will only accept online invoice data reporting in the new data format, which leaves a few weeks for switching to version 1.1. Failure to submit online invoice data reports may result in a penalty of up to half a million forints per invoice, which may represent an even higher tax penalty risk than the VAT content of the invoice.

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Online invoice - from one to two

Although the deadline for this year\'s first modification phase has not yet expired, HU TA has already announced that the next step in online invoice data reporting will be version 2.0. Unlike in the tax authority\'s preliminary plans, not only an adjustment but a larger scale transformation should be expected in relation to online invoice reports.

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Online invoice data reporting - details of the first XML schema change

As promised, at the end of January the tax authority made available the detailed technical specifications of the first round of invoice XML schema changes planned for this year. Based on this communication, the developers of invoicing systems have three months for the integration and testing of the changes. The Tax Authority declared it will not accept any invoices based on the old schema version (1.0) XML documents from 1st of May 2019.

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Companies may expect HU TA audit in relation to online invoicing data reporting

According to the communication of HU TA, from 21 January, the county and Budapest directorates of the tax authority will perform audits based on risk analyses at the taxpayers obliged to report invoicing data online. Those who failed, based on available control data, to report data on their supplies with a VAT content over 100 thousand forints, can expect an appearance from the tax authority.

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Hungarian online invoice reporting system meeting expectations but needing correction

The first result figures of the six months since the launch of the online invoice reporting system confirm that the real-time invoice data reporting service met expectations in terms of improving the efficiency of VAT collection. The Hungarian tax authority is able to identify fraudulent businesses almost immediately and in an automated manner relying on the data submitted through the solutions provided by the companies obliged to report data and their service providers.

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Online invoice reporting mission: accomplished!

The NAV real time invoice reporting process launched in July was like a competition where the contestants tried to complete the racetrack in \"vehicles\" purchased off the shelf or developed and built by themselves. The June test period was prolonged by a useful leniency month, thus all entities were required to come up to par by 31 July while continuous compliance has been mandatory since 1 August.

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