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Small Business Tax Becoming More Attractive - Count With Us!

Small business tax (KIVA) may become an attractive option for more companies from 2021. The small business tax rate may be cut to 11 percent from next year, while certain limits of KIVA-eligibility will increase. The special tax rate assessment rules may be more favourable for many businesses than corporate tax but not for all.

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NAV online invoice report plans – a New Era starts from January

Substantial changes are coming in the NAV online invoice data reporting system with yet another sprint starts for programming and finance experts for the preparation of invoicing programs and data reporting software. The deadline for the conversion to 3.0 XML in January is relatively short but the Hungarian tax authority grants a sanction-free period to taxpayers until April.

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EKAER: Regulation changes from 1 January 2021 in Hungary

Provisions of the Act on the Rules of Taxation relating to the Hungarian Electronic Trade and Transport Control (EKAER) system will be amended from 1 January 2021. For example, the group of products to be reported in the road freight transport control system will change.

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What to do if National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) asks about online invoice differences?

With the end of the grace period approaching, the Hungarian tax authority applies enhanced scrutiny to the online invoice data reporting of companies and also compares the invoice data received to domestic recapitulative statements. Due to the changes in the regulation of online invoice data reporting and the digitalization efforts of NAV, there is a greater focus on the testing of the quality of data reporting.

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The 5 most common, correctable errors in Hungarian VAT Returns

The changes entered to force from 1 July prompted experts who prepare VAT returns to reconsider certain things. From the second half of 2020, the value limits on incoming invoices to be declared on MSheets of the VAT return and outgoing invoices to be reported in the Hungarian Tax Authority online invoice data reporting system were eliminated.

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