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Employment supervision audits to replace labour inspections in Hungary

This year brought a change in the area of labour inspections also. The role of labour authorities was taken over by employment supervision authorities from the beginning of March 2021 and, as a result, labour inspections were replaced by employment supervision audits. Instead of the former labour inspections, employers can now expect employment supervision audits.

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The number of users is becoming the increasing factor in company valuation

During company evaluation, the primary purpose of determining the fair market value is to identify the value drivers of the target company. Today, in addition to the IT companies providing more and more popular subscription-based services, more and more companies active in other sectors are switching partially or fully to solutions based on monthly fees (Nespresso, MOL carsharing services).

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Tax allowances to boost youth employment

The corona epidemic posed a major challenge to the Hungarian economy affecting, among others, the income of the young population. However, incentives both within and outside the scope of the tax regime support the improvement of the labour market situation of young people. We gathered information on what employers and young employees may expect below.

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How should you plan your webshop?

From 1 July 2021, the rules relating to web shops are amended at EU level. Businesses selling goods and services through web shops should prepare for this in advance to ensure an optimal way of sales and administration. With the right business model companies can, on the one hand, achieve tax savings and, on the other hand, cut administrative burdens. Otherwise, web shops will run a risk and may even expect substantial tax penalties.

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Equity Problems and Tax Aspects

A company\'s equity problem may have an effect on the company form and may even lead to the termination of the company. If the loss of capital is revealed in relation to the preparation of the financial statements, the company must act as soon as possible in order to resolve the situation. When to act, how much time does the company have and what directions can the company go in to resolve equity problems in Hungary?

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Tax changes included in the tax package that affect companies

Among the key elements of the changes planned to be included in the spring tax package of Hungary that will affect companies, we can find amendments to the rules concerning corporate income tax, social contribution tax, personal income tax, value-added tax, property tax, and excise tax.

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