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Last minute modifications on the online invoicing system before the July 1st go-live date

There are only a few days left before the real-time invoice data reporting system goes live yet, according to the recent communications, the Hungarian Tax Authority (HU TA) is still planning to make some "last minute" modifications.

 The following modifications are expected in the next few days:

June 14– version 0.15 of online invoicing is rolled out

Simpler registration, group taxation registration finalised, option to set more than one primary users, approval of repeated (corrected) data reporting by primary user - these have been included in new HU TA RTIR version.

June 18 – launch of registration for "live" real-time invoice data reporting

All taxpayers subject to a reporting obligation are required to register with HU TA in the live environment by 30 June. The test system and the "live" system will run in parallel. Tokens can be requested with the technical ID and data keys received during the live registration (which can be used to test the data connection),however, the system will only accept invoice XML files from 1 July.

June 25 – HU TA's free online invoicing system goes live.

Entities that otherwise do not have invoicing software suitable for data reporting or an external data reporting module (such as www.connectax.hu) can use this invoicing interface to issue invoices.

June 29 – launch of version 0.16 of the online invoicing system

The new version allows the manual recording of invoices issued with the use of the pre-printed form. According to the law, the taxpayer is obliged to report the data:

  • within 5 calendar days of the invoice date if the VAT charged is more than HUF 100,000 and less than HUF 499,999, and
  • within 1 calendar day of the invoice date if the VAT charged is equal to or more than HUF 500,000.

July 1 00:00 – launch of live real-time invoice data reporting...

According to the HU TA, neither the postponement of the go-live date of the regulation nor the introduction of a general "penalty free" period is being planned. It is important to point out that data reporting will begin at 00:00 hours on 1 July. This means that if the invoice is issued abroad, then – depending on the time zone – the data reporting may need to be commenced on 30 June local time.

Here you can find more details about the real-time invoice reporting obligation.  

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