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A day to be proud

Our unified global brand journey began many years ago, and it became ever more likely as our clients and the market demanded a consistent appearance to match our consistent commitment to quality.

The long-standing relationships between RSM firms that have been forged over the years are now represented through our common visual unity.

A brand change for our members is a business decision, but naturally it is one that is full of emotion. We have not simply changed the colours in our logo, we have recommitted to our global and local strategies, to each other, and to the actions that will make us even more successful together. Last year, we celebrated 50 years of RSM, and I think that today we have gone a long way to securing growth and success for the next 50 years.

Our extensive client research told us what our clients think about RSM, what our strengths are and what they need from us. It confirmed that clients recognise us internationally for our focus on collaboration, having a deep understanding of what matters most to clients, and insight-sharing by our senior partners. RSM’s new brand positioning, The Power of Being Understood, captures this.

However, our current strengths in our reputation haven’t come easily; I believe that we have earned it through years of gaining the trust of our clients through working hard to help them reach their goals – understanding their challenges and working with them to address them.

Around the world today, the staff in RSM firms are celebrating their RSM World Day and looking forward to continuing to serve their clients under their new name and brand. Today’s celebratory activities, which include staff and client parties, dinners, lunches, charity and community work, will no doubt bring back that emotion and make everyone in the network feel proud of their individual achievements that collectively make RSM such a great global organisation.

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