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International professional award from Corporate INTL

Having one’s achievements recognized is always a good feeling, particularly so when this does not come from one’s immediate environment.

This time, a global business magazine, Corporate INTL, has acknowledged the performance of our office with an award. In a survey of professionals conducted by the magazine, our office was voted advisory firm of 2014 in Hungary.

Corporate INTL, which is one of the leading European legal and advisory specialist magazines, selected winners from among those companies who over the past 12 months were able to show outstanding business activities and – in the midst of the turbulent economic climate – proved in practice their professional competence and the satisfaction of their clients. Thus, in recognition of the work of RSM DTM, we won the “Tax Advisory Firm of the Year in Hungary 2014” award.

The opinion and the feedback of our successful and satisfied clients are most important to us, confirming as they do, first and foremost, that we are on the right path. Furthermore, professional feedback also bears out that quality advisory work with a problem-solving focus and the specialist skills of our trained staff bring their own rewards, which the consultancy market (in the widest sense of the term) also tracks and appreciates.

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