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István Falcsik

Lawyer, Waste Management and Sustainability Consulting, Business Unit Manager

István Falcsik joined RSM Hungary in 2016, as the head of customs, excise and product tax advisory services
Between 2012 and 2016 he was in charge of a group of special indirect taxes (customs, excise, environmental product tax, energy tax, public health product tax (NETA)) at a Big4 firm.
He has significant experience in waste management, sustainability and product taxation.

István Falcsik's topics
István Falcsik

The Hungarian waste management system is radically transformed with the introduction of the EPR fee Companies have 6 months to prepare

In line with EU waste management directives, Hungarian waste management rules are expected to change significantly from July 2023. In addition to the environmental product charge, companies will have to get familiar with a new term, as the extended producer responsibility will affect a wide range of businesses. All companies concerned should prepare in good time for the radical changes in the waste management system.

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