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NAV online invoice report plans – a New Era starts from January

Substantial changes are coming in the NAV online invoice data reporting system with yet another sprint starts for programming and finance experts for the preparation of invoicing programs and data reporting software. The deadline for the conversion to 3.0 XML in January is relatively short but the Hungarian tax authority grants a sanction-free period to taxpayers until April.

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What to do if National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) asks about online invoice differences?

With the end of the grace period approaching, the Hungarian tax authority applies enhanced scrutiny to the online invoice data reporting of companies and also compares the invoice data received to domestic recapitulative statements. Due to the changes in the regulation of online invoice data reporting and the digitalization efforts of NAV, there is a greater focus on the testing of the quality of data reporting.

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The 5 most common, correctable errors in Hungarian VAT Returns

The changes entered to force from 1 July prompted experts who prepare VAT returns to reconsider certain things. From the second half of 2020, the value limits on incoming invoices to be declared on MSheets of the VAT return and outgoing invoices to be reported in the Hungarian Tax Authority online invoice data reporting system were eliminated.

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NAV Online Invoice - there is no delay, but there is a 3-month sanction-free period

Due to the difficulties caused by the coronavirus, the tax authority will not sanction, until 30 September 2020, the new taxpayers subject to the online data supply obligation from July, who are not yet able to comply with the regulations. The deadline for extending the data supply obligation is therefore not delayed, but NAV (Hungarian Tax Authority) will not penalise its omission for the first 3 months if taxpayers register in the Online Invoice system.

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Guide to NAV Online Invoice reporting - lessons to learn

The online invoice experience of nearly 300,000 first Hungarian swallows can be found useful for those taxpayers who join later. Summarizing our experience as a tax consultant and digital tax solution provider, with the understanding of corporate operations and expectations of the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV),we would like to draw your attention to some challenges and faults to help newcomers to the world of online invoice reporting.

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VAT return from 1 July: M sheets must also be reported without a threshold in Hungary

From 1 July, 2020 according to the VAT Act, the data of all approved incoming supplier invoices for which the company intends to exercise the right to deduct VAT must be provided to NAV on the M-sheet in the domestic recapitulative statement, regardless of the VAT threshold. This will make not only the invoices issued, but also the invoices approved between companies, fully visible to the tax authority.

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NAV Online Invoice reporting - how to prepare for July 2020?

More than 300,000 Hungarian companies have been reporting their invoice data to the NAV online invoice reporting system for almost two years. From 1 July, this scope will be further expanded, all invoices issued between domestic business partners will be required to provide online invoice data, regardless of the VAT amount of the invoice, the reporting threshold will be reduced to zero. The expansion of the M-form obligation related to purchases can also be a nightmare for accountants.

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Tax Authority (NAV) extends Online Számla 2.0 deadline

The use of the NAV Online Invoice 2.0 version will not be a must from 1 April 2020 in online invoice data reporting. The deadline for the introduction of the new schema was extended by NAV until 1 July with regard to the extraordinary situation arising due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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