online invoice data reporting

Real-time online invoice data reporting means that the taxable persons concerned must report their invoices with an output VAT content of at least 100 thousand forints to NAV (HU TA) immediately but within 24 hours at the latest. This also applies to modifying/rectifying invoices and annulment invoices. 

The real-time online invoice data reporting obligation applies to all taxable persons registered in Hungary, i.e. to domestic companies as well as the domestic tax numbers of foreign companies (registered for tax purpose). The obligation does not apply to foreign distance sellers (web-shops) if they only perform B2C sales in Hungary even if the amount of output tax exceeds 100 thousand forints as real-time invoice data only has to be reported in relation to the supplies of goods or services to domestic VAT-able persons. 

However, the data reporting obligation also applies to the domestic taxable persons who outsourced invoicing to abroad, for example, to a service centre and invoicing actually takes place abroad. In this case, the taxpayer must ensure fulfilment of the invoice data reporting obligation as the technology of data reporting allows for the forwarding of data to NAV (HU TA) from abroad. 

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