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Digital tax revolution in Hungary

Hungary is at the top regarding the VAT rate and the rate of the VAT-gap reduction. We may feel right in the middle of a digital tax revolution. Regarding taxation, we can witness changes of such scale and intensity that are unprecedented.

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Tax payment and Hungarian Instant Payment system

The Hungarian Instant Payment system, which will apply to B2B transfers and payments made to the tax authority as well, has been launched on 2 March, 2020. It is important that only payments between Hungarian HUF accounts are going to be instant; the change will not affect accounts in any other currency.

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NAV online invoice 2.0 - the final countdown started

The latest version of the Online Invoice has been updated in the live system of the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) yet. The most significant change is the new 2.0 XSD schema and its associated endpoint, which eliminates all obstacles to the mandatory use of the 2.0 online invoice version which will go live on 1 April.

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