Digital solutions

Digital Solutions

  • Technology-based service/product design - validation - development
  • User experience and User interface design (UX/UI)
  • Brand strategy and brand management
  • Development of web-based platforms and their long-term maintenance

Rapid reaction to market changes

Today, the expansion of technology is unstoppable in all market segments and the finance sector is no exception. In a competitive environment, customized solutions based on real genuine customer needs demand are absolutely essential. As a consequence of innovation, the entry threshold has been lowered thus small, agile companies that are highly flexible in the face of new challenges are able to disrupt the markets in the short term as well.
This challenge, among others, prompted the development within RSM Hungary of an independent digital workshop. The aim of dotindot° is to deliver to partners efficient and unique solutions based on existing demands. The flexible structure and small size of our team allow us to react to technological trends rapidly and efficiently, and utilize this to our advantage in the course of carrying out our commissions.

Technology- and design-based approach

Our work is built on solid foundations, a strong developer background and problem-solving design approach. Our core principle is to shape the user experience, visual appearance and programming phases in parallel within fast-moving groups aligned to the expectations of the given project.

Our strength lies in the rapid execution of the process from the concept to test-ready realization. The advantage of this is that our partners can make long-term business decisions as soon as possible on the basis of valid market feedback. Thanks to our intensive workshops experts, decision-makers, consultants, designers and developers – working in close cooperation with each other – can shape the concept of products and services based on user and business demand. We believe in the efficiency of an appropriate combination of existing and custom built solutions. Financial institutions, publishing companies and commercial enterprises of all sizes have already taken advantage of our expertise.

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    Péter Kóczé, RSM Hungary, Head of Digital Solutions

    Péter Kóczé

    Head of Digital Solutions

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