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Online invoice data reporting in line with the new HU TA schema.

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Lilla Németh

Senior tax advisor

Péter Kóczé, RSM Hungary, Head of Digital Solutions

Péter Kóczé

Head of Digital Tax Solutions


From 4 June 2019, the tax authority will only accept XML invoice documents submitted according to the new 1.1 XSD schema from the companies having online invoice data reporting obligation.

We can offer companies a temporary solution until the new XML structure is automatically generated in their invoicing programs or enterprise resource planning systems with our converter, which automatically generates 1.1 XML invoice documents acceptable by HU TA on the basis of correct 1.0 XML invoice documents. 

If your invoicing program is not yet prepared for the submission of data in the new format, you can submit your invoice data safely to the tax authority with our solution and some fine-tuning and can complete your necessary in-house IT developments without running into a tax risk. 

The data generated in version 1.0 XML documents are received by the ConnecTAX platform but these documents of the no-longer-valid format will be returned with an error message by the tax authority after 4 June with corrected re-submission of the data reports necessary. With the necessary information, our Converter module developed for the users of ConnecTAX Invoice Reporter converts 1.0 documents to be submitted to comply with the new 1.1 schema. 

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For the efficient operation of the ConnecTAX Converter module it is necessary that the document received complies with the XML 1.0 schema and is correct in terms of content. Contact our technological tax consultants to check the conditions/efficiency of use of the converter in your case. 

The automatic converter gives short-term support for ensuring legal compliance but is no replacement for the development that is necessary for the generation of 1.1 version XML documents. 

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