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BEPS - The calm before the storm

In October 2015, two and a half years of frenetic activity culminated in the release of the final reports of the G20/OECD ‘Action Plan’. These outline the changes necessary to make the international tax framework ‘fit for purpose’ in the digital age.

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OECD BEPS Action 6 – Preventing the Granting of Treaty Benefits in Inappropriate Circumstances

Action 6 of the OECD BEPS Action Plans deals with the prevention of double tax treaty (hereinafter: treaty) abuse. OECD finds that one of the most pressing BEPS issues is treaty abuse and especially the so-called treaty shopping (which basically means the use of tax benefits deriving from residence related and other differences between treaties) and for this reason, a separate action plan was dedicated to this matter.

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OECD BEPS – Action 1: Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy

The importance of the action The OECD BEPS study concludes that \"the digital economy is increasingly becoming the economy itself”, therefore it is of utmost importance that we face those new challenges that arise as a result of this process. It is sufficient to think of e-commerce, financial transactions or online training, but according to the study we do not have to wait long for e-health services (remote health services) to become widespread. To highlight the importance of the issue, it is sufficient to note that the size of total worldwide e-commerce was estimated to amount to USD 16 trillion (!) in 2013.

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