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Closing the business year – legal tasks

The tasks pertaining to the preparation of the annual financial statements and the year-end closing place a considerable burden on the accounting and tax professionals of Hungarian companies, who must also keep in mind the legal implications and obligations related to the year-end closing. Let\'s take a look at the legal tasks involved in the preparation of the financial statements and the year-end closing.

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Fiduciary trusts 2024

Fiduciary trusts (“bizalmi vagyonkezelés” in Hungarian) have spread in the past few years. In recent years, trusts offering complex wealth management solutions have become increasingly popular in Hungary as well, with the number of managed asset accounts exceeding one thousand by February 2024. A legislative amendment contributed significantly to the increase in the number of trusts in 2023: the abolition of the tax-free placement of assets by private trustors encouraged many wealthy individuals to set up trusts before autumn 2023.

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Company assets in marriage

RSM\'s family lawyers often find that when it comes to business property, spouses cannot decide: who owns the \"company\"? Do the spouses own the business shares jointly or separately? In the case of a business share, it would be easy to define ownership as \"in whose name it is held\", but the question is more complex in the case of matrimonial property.

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Divorce: the family business can go bust if you don't prepare in advance

Although in Hungary many people shy away from the idea of a prenup for emotional reasons, it is irresponsible for couples who run a joint business not to consider a negative scenario. Not only can costly and protracted litigation be avoided in divorce by a prenuptial property agreement, but the future of the family business could well depend on it. The number of contracts designed to protect family assets registered in the Register of Matrimonial and Cohabitation Property Contracts is increasing every year.

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First ten steps to starting a business in Hungary

Representatives of some foreign companies often contact us asking about the foundation of a company in Hungary. Last time, we had a meeting in the morning, and the next working day, we presented the documents of a limited liability company with court registration and a bank account to our partner. Of course, starting a company is not always as fast as that. It requires preparation and quick decision by the client.

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