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Service terms and conditions
RSM ConnecTAX Invoice Zoom Demo

In these Service Terms and Conditions RSM Connect Tax Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered office: 1138 Budapest, Faludi u. 3., company registration number: 01-09-320751, hereinafter: ”RSM” or ”Service Provider”) publishes the use terms and conditions of the demo (presentation purpose) version of the so called RSM ConnecTAX Invoice Zoom service (”Service” or ”Invoice Zoom Demo”).

  1. The objective of Invoice Zoom Demo is to present, for demonstration purposes, the operation of the RSM ConnecTax Invoice Zoom service. In return for specific consideration and under separate contractual terms and conditions, the full (i.e. not demo) version of Invoice Zoom can be used to simulate a full scope online invoice data verification audit similar to one conducted by the tax authority. Accordingly, it is possible to identify and verify, at any frequency, invoice data (generated by even multiple invoicing applications) that are transferred to the tax authority. Regarding the Invoice Zoom service, further information is available by clicking on the following link: https://www.rsm.hu/termek/connectax-invoice-zoom 
  2. Invoice Zoom Demo is a trial version. Regarding a specific user and the same tax number, it can be used free of charge on one occasion to perform an automated verification of a period not exceeding 3 months and/or 1000 (one thousand) invoices, specified by the user of the Invoice Zoom Demo service (“User”),with respect to invoice data and data export files (“Data”) that were voluntarily provided by the User concerning invoices issued by the User and data stored by the tax authority with respect to online invoice data reports. 
  3. The Data must meet the following technical and template expectations, otherwise, the appropriate Data will not be included in the verification process:
    1. XML data export format as specified in NGM Decree 23/2014 (VI.30.) on the tax administration identification of invoices and receipts and the tax authority audit of invoices retained in electronic format
    2. In Excel or CSV format, by indicating at least the following data:
      1. the invoice number:
      2. the number of the original invoice, provided the invoice in question is a corrective invoice
      3. the supplier’s tax number
      4. the customer’s tax number
      5. the customer’s community tax number
      6. the type of the invoice (1: ordinary invoice, 2: invoice with simplified data content, 3: corrective invoice, 4: cancelling invoice, 5: collective invoice, 6: a document to be regarded as an invoice)
      7. the date of the invoice (DD-MM-YYYY)
      8. the date of fulfilment (DD-MM-YYYY)
      9. Total VAT content in HUF
  4. The User acknowledges that during the course of using the Service they may forward (or hand over in any other manner) to RSM only such invoices that were issued to non-natural persons. Accordingly, the User shall accept responsibility for not providing RSM, in the course of forwarding invoices, with invoices that were issued to natural persons. The User expressly acknowledges that in the course of the legal relationship established in connection with the Service, RSM does not act as a data controller, thus in case the User forwards invoices that were issued to non-natural persons, the User shall be exclusively responsible for breaching their commitment made under this section. The User acknowledges that in case RMS becomes aware that in the course of using the Service, the User provided RSM with an invoice that was issued to a natural person, RSM will block the affected invoice, and following the expiry of the deadline set and open for the User to make a comment, this invoice (together with all other invoices) will be immediately deleted.
  5. Invoice Zoom Demo compares the Data with reporting data stored according to the Hungarian Tax Authority’s database verifying if the Data were reported to the tax authority and if the contents of the Data and the reported invoices are the same.
  6. In the course of using Invoice Zoom Demo, RSM or the person appointed by them will act, the User will not be granted access to the ConnecTax service, platform. Thus, these Service Terms and Conditions cannot be interpreted as if the User would acquire any right to the use of any ConnecTax solution, module. The User accepts that the Service will be commenced at a date set by RSM at their discretion. Thus RSM will handle demo requests received according to their current workload, without undertaking to meet any completion deadline or other ”service level” obligations.
  7. The User must provide RSM with a live and dedicated Hungarian Tax Authority technical user with query rights. This user will be created only for the duration and purposes of the Demo. In case no such user exists, the Service cannot be completed.
  8. Invoice Zoom Demo makes the above comparison on the basis of the Hungarian Tax Authority’s database, via their API. So, in case the Hungarian Tax Authority system malfunctions or cannot be accessed (or can be accessed only in a limited manner, for any reason) (including also the reason that the User failed to approve the necessary query rights),Invoice Zoom Demo cannot complete the verification. The Service Provider does not accept any responsibility for the accessibility of Hungarian Tax Authority’s platform, so the behaviour of the tax authority must be regarded as a situation that is fully beyond their control. 
  9. The User acknowledges that RSM is not responsible in any way that the User provided  full, accurate and proper Data. Furthermore, RSM is also not responsible for the correctness of data stored by the Hungarian Tax Authority as they only perform an automated comparison, as set out above, between the two databases.
  10. Following the completion of the comparison, RSM transmits the results via e-mail. This e-mail is provided only for information purposes and would not constitute  or may be deemed an individual advisory and, having regard to the free of charge nature of the service, RSM disclaims any and all responsibility for the accuracy of the results to the maximum extent permitted by law, does not accept any warranty or guarantee obligation in this respect, thus the User may not claim on this basis of such results against neither RMS, the tax authority or any third party. 
  11. The User accepts that RSM does not clarify or explain the results or give advice in case of differences. The interpretation or the correction of data, the answering of any questions, or the provision of advice, however, is possible in return for a specific fee, on the basis of a separate contract. 
  13. The User accepts that RSM does not take responsibility for the success of comparison and also that the use of Invoice Zoom Demo does not, in any form, guarantee that a possible Hungarian Tax Authority audit would not produce other results or record other findings, reveal any error or difference in the data in which Invoice Zoom Demo did not find any. The use of Invoice Zoom Demo means neither the verification of the appropriateness, genuineness, trueness, accuracy and completeness of invoice data, nor the review of invoices if they are free of errors or were prepared in full compliance with the law. Thus the use of Invoice Zoom Demo can also not evidence that all the previous features are true and, further, also does not constitute a digital advice and can, in no form whatsoever, be regarded as a provision of advice regarding the following matters: a provision of advice regarding the necessary XML structure and content of the supply of data regarding the obligation to supply online invoice data, the preparation of sample XML files, a provision of advice regarding invoice content, an overview or screening of the invoicing practice, a provision of advice concerning the legislative provisions of the supply of online invoice content or the expectations of the tax authority, the interpretation of or a provision of advice about tax law issues concerning tax authority specifications – affecting the data content and reporting of invoices, registration on the online invoice interface of the tax authority or the participation, assistance in such registration, participation in the interpretation of (non technical nature) messages of the tax authority or the provision of related advice (”the provision of digital VAT advice”). Such advice can be provided on the basis of separate remuneration and pursuant to separate contractual terms and conditions.
  14. Having regard to the free of charge nature of the service also, the User expressly accepts that RSM has the right to suspend or reject to perform the Service at any time and without justification, unilaterally terminate the legal relationship based on these Service Terms and Conditions, by excluding the ability to assert any claims (for damages). Such termination will take effect as soon as it was communicated to the User. The User is also entitled to withdraw from the use of Invoice Zoom Demo at any time and without any further consequences, in which case RSM deletes the Data.
  15. Following the completion of data verification, RSM does not retain, store or preserve the Data, other data downloaded from Hungarian Tax Authority and/or Hungarian Tax Authority technical user data that were transferred. These data will be deleted, in line with provisions set out in separate data processing terms. It is the responsibility of the User to make sure that the dedicated Hungarian Tax Authority technical user is deleted once the legal relationship between the Parties based on these Service Terms and Condition terminates thereby making sure that RSM’s access is also terminated.
  16. The User accepts that the Service Provider will not be responsible for any consequences arising from the fact the User provided untrue data and the Service Provider will not verify if the person using the Service and acting in the name of the User is actually authorised to represent the User. The Service Provider will not, in any manner, be responsible for content uploaded by the User and the Service cannot be used for data storage purposes.
  17. The User acknowledges that the Service, RSM ConnecTAX, Invoice Zoom and the related services, including the related know-how, are the intellectual property of RSM and thus are protected by law. The User acknowledges that the right granted only allows them to use the Service as set out above. This, however, cannot be interpreted as if any intellectual property rights were transferred. The User accepts responsibility for not attempting to register, use or utilise such rights as their own rights, use them for purposes other than those set out in the Contract and these Service Terms and Conditions and/or demonstrate any such conduct or behaviour that could harm RSM’s rights to such intellectual properties.
  18. Content and materials made available by RSM (e.g. blogs, information kits and guidelines, etc.) are the property of RSM or their affiliates (excluding materials published by the Hungarian Tax Authority, or materials where their source was identified). Regarding materials published, the User may use them in line with the fair use principle, under provisions in the Hungarian Copyright Act. The Service Provider does not accept responsibility for the content of links on the Website, nor for their operation. The User will not, in any manner, be entitled to copy, use or utilise trade names, marks, trademarks and graphical components included in the Website as they are protected. 
  19. It is particularly forbidden to mediate the Service to a third party for commercial, financial gain.
  20. The natural person acting and representing the User must also comply with these Service Terms and Conditions. Thus, the User will be responsible for the conduct of such natural person.
  21. The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally amend these Service Terms and Conditions and the Website at any time and unilaterally. Any use by the User following such amendment will be regarded as their acceptance by the User.
  22. Regarding communication during the use of Invoice Zoom Demo, the User accepts to send and receive communication electronically using electronic contact details they provided.