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domestic recapitulative statement

By submitting the domestic recapitulative statement or 65M-sheet (or M-sheets) the VAT Act prescribes that the taxable person for VAT purposes is subject to data supply on the invoices related to purchase of goods or use of services for which he intends to exercise the right to deduct VAT in his VAT return for the tax assessment period concerned. 

In respect of the invoices for which the taxpayer exercises the right to deduct VAT, the statutory data content of the invoices must be reported per invoice. On the M-sheet as part of the VAT return, the supplier's tax number, the tax base, the amount of output VAT, the delivery date recorded in the invoice, and the serial number of the invoice to be indicated. 

As of 1 July 2020, the threshold of HUF 100,000 per invoice will be eliminated regarding M-sheets, also. From that date, regardless of the amount, the supplier of goods and services subject to VAT is liable to submit a domestic recapitulative statement if he exercises the right to deduct VAT on the basis of the invoice certifying the performance of the transaction or the payment of the advance.

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