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Senior accountant

We are seeking dedicated experts to join our accounting team to serve our continuously expanding clientele.


  • Comprehensive management of the bookkeeping of our client portfolio (inbound and outbound invoices, bank, petty-cash accounting, various source documents – general ledger accounting, preparation of returns, reports and financial statements)
  • Day-to-day contact with clients both in writing and orally;


  • Minimum 4-5 years of in-depth work experience in comprehensive bookkeeping services (has already prepared at least one set of financial statements alone);
  • Up-to-date understanding of accounting and tax laws;
  • User level knowledge of the following accounting software tools: Navision and/or Axapta and/or Revolution
  • Ability to work independently and in an orderly fashion;
  • Problem solving skills, high stress tolerance;

What we offer:

  • Outstanding professional mentors that have gained their knowledge at RSM Hungary.
  • Ongoing (mandatory) further training through both internal and external training courses not only in professional skills but also in foreign languages.
  • Diversified, versatile and responsible work; during which it is possible to learn how to use a number of accounting software tools as well as the accounting specificities of several industries.
  • Realistic wages and benefits in accordance with the level of professional knowledge.
  • Hard work in an efficient work culture offering top quality services.
    • Fair, supportive, exemplary management that has not lost its humane side even during the time of sharp expansion.
  • Excellent, tranquil workplace atmosphere; offices for 2-3 people, ergonomic environment, top-notch office and information technology background.

Comment: The term "senior" does not refer to a status but rather the company's requirement for robust and in-depth professional knowledge.