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Support in the preparation of corporate and local business tax returns

One of the highest professional diligence from business organizations in relation to the closing of the year is the preparation of their corporate income tax and local business tax returns.

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Diána Varga

Senior Manager, Tax services

Annamária Grónás

Manager, Tax services


As this is typically a once in a year task for the chief accountants and financial experts employed by companies, the review and the support of their work by an external expert may be especially important for them. This is what we wish to help them in.

Who is our offer for?

Our offer is for companies who wish to take special care to make sure that their corporate income tax and local business tax returns are filed on the basis of correct calculations in order to avoid any findings and potential sanctions of the tax authority.

What does our service contain?

During our work we review the corporate income tax and local business tax calculations received from our clients. As part of this review, we perform mostly sample based and partly item-by-item tests of the trial balances received and the analytical records and accounting documents substantiating each tax base modifying item. We consider and check, based on previous tax returns and the requests filed, to what extent the loss carried forward from previous years can be taken into account. If the company is obliged to prepare transfer pricing documents, we also review the form and content of these. We prepare a brief summary of the results of our review, which will also be discussed with you.

Why should you turn to us regarding your corporate income tax and local business tax calculations?

  • Our review identifies tax base modifying items not considered during the preparation of the calculation.
  • During our work, attention is given to identify costs and expenses not incurred in the interest of business operation (as these items increase the tax base).
  • During the review of calculations, we draw your attention to the tax allowances you may apply.
  • In the case of the application of tax allowances, we check the fulfilment of the requirements (e.g. in the case of sponsorship of theatre or prominent team sports we examine the appropriateness of the contracts of sponsorship and the sponsorship certifications; furthermore, we check whether the supplementary sponsorship was paid on due time and at the appropriate amount.
  • In our review of local business tax calculations, we not only focus on the calculation of the tax base and on tax allowances but we also examine the division of the tax base between municipalities.
  • Upon your request, we assist not only in finalizing the calculations, but assistance is given to the preparation of the related tax returns as well.
  • During the review we can determine whether your company has transfer pricing documentation obligation.
  • Further tax questions may be raised during our discussions upon your request

What is the fee of our service?

After having reviewed the calculation (possibly tax return) and the General Ledger made available to us in advance, we prepare a specific offer to you based on the expected time requirement and the complexity of the calculation. 

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