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The preserving, growing and most importantly, the inheritance of wealth requires careful planning in the case of private assets and family businesses and the development and maintenance of a personalized system that is also efficient in the long run is not only a question of technical knowledge. 

The transfer or passing on of assets to the next generation or next management and the maintenance of the established system demands close cooperation and raises a series of personal questions the answering of which not only requires comprehensive technical knowledge but a strong relationship built on trust between the advisor with knowledge of tax, legal and company sale matters and his client. 

Why should you turn to RSM as a private person or as owner of a family business?

RSM works with a wide range of family business owners and operative manager as well as wealthy individuals throughout the world. RSM Hungary's team of tax, company sales, and legal experts has the knowledge and personal experience that is essential for the efficient planning of a system of investments and property elements, the passing on and inheritance of these or event the sale of assets. Our company is a member of the most significant Hungarian professional organization of family businesses, the Association for Responsible Family Businesses.

We provide the following services to family businesses and private persons:

Planning and development of wealth management structures

  • Planning of company group structures from a business, tax and legal perspective
  • Development of customized forms of wealth management and wealth protection
  • Complex and international income tax planning and consulting

Assessment and sale of assets

  • Preparation of the selling of real estates, assets, projects and businesses
  • Comprehensive internal preparation and support in the implementation of acquisitions, company and asset alienation transactions
  • Comprehensive support of fundraising

Family wealth and estate planning

  • Support in the creation of the family constitution (a basic document defining the vision and the structure of family business-related decision-making for family members)
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements
  • Drafting of wills, alternative inheritance systems, cross-generation wealth management structures

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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

Bálint Szűcs, partner, lawyer, tax advisor

Bálint Szűcs

Partner, Tax Expert, Attorney-at-law

Levente Almási, Partner, Head of M&A and Valuation services

Levente Almási

Head of M&A, Valuation and Corporate Finance


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