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dr. Zoltán Titusz Fekete, RSM Hungary, Tax manager. Tax lawyer

Titusz Zoltán Fekete

Tax director

He joined RSM Hungary's tax team as a tax advisor in 2010, after having acquired 8 years of tax authority experience, mainly in the field of tax audits. Since 2012, he has participated in the resolution of tax issues affecting our customers and the professional management of RSM's tax team as tax manager. He specialises in representation before the tax authority and provides support and cooperation in tax administration procedures, including both tax audits and enforcement proceedings. His professional work involves close cooperation with law firms representing customers in tax lawsuits, the filing of requests for opinions and binding rulings as well as the development of proposed amendments for various tax laws. Upon the enactment of new tax laws and fiscal measures, he provides assistance in the accurate interpretation of the law and the establishment of compliant tax practices.


Titusz Zoltán Fekete's posts

New Laws on the Rules of Taxation

The basic aim of the renewal of the rules of tax administration is for the tax authority to provide a client-focused service and to help taxpayers in the fulfilment of their tax obligations. Instead of a uniform code-like regulation, from 2018 multiple acts will specify the rights and obligations taxpayers and tax authorities have in specific tax matters.

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Cégkapu – Registration of Foreign Managers Clarified

The matter of the registration of foreign managers has become clearer in relation to the use of the company portal “Cégkapu” that companies will be obliged to use from 1 January 2018. It is now clear what tasks have to be fulfilled using the Cégkapu portal and where companies not yet registered or already registered can get more information regarding the operation of the portal.

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Number of reliable taxpayers growing

More than 200 thousand taxpayers may enjoy the benefits coming from having reliable taxpayer status according to latest data of the Hungarian Tax and Customs Authority (NAV). At the same time, however, the number of businesses rated risky increased also on last year’s base. Companies should be aware of the criteria based on which businesses are rated quarterly as some points of the relevant regulation change in the recent period due to amendments of legal regulations.

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Advertisement tax - change in legislation

Effective from 1 July 2017, the advertisement tax rate will be raised from 5.3% to 7.5% for taxpayers with sales revenues from advertising exceeding HUF 100 million. In the period of January to June 2017, the tax rate will be lowered to 0% to avoid the taxation of companies retroactively and to ensure equal treatment of taxpayers. These measures will result in an effective tax rate of 3.75% for the entire year 2017.

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Changes in the Rules of Taxation

The most important elements of the proposed changes in the Act on the Rules of Taxation (ART) are aimed at curbing tax fraud and the black economy and moderating the risk of infringements for taxpayers and also address taxpayer qualifications and the preparation of draft tax returns.

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Corporate Income Tax Changes in 2017

The majority of the amendments of the CIT Act are aimed at the expansion of tax benefits, some appear in the draft legislation in the form of tax base benefits, while others as tax benefits.

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